Pharaoh's Horus Hookah

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A new addition to the medium-sized Pharaoh's hookahs has arrived. The Horus is decked out with many classic features that you've come to expect from the Pharaoh's brand. The shaft, down stem, tray, and components are all made out of a heavy stainless steel to provide stability and prevent corrosion. Beautiful matte finish color options on the shaft and heavy glass bases that start clear at the neck and finish with a cool collage of colors will help set this apart from other hookahs in the size and price range. Also included are a clay bowl and a matching modern-style Pharaoh's hose. 


Each color combo of the Pharaohs Horus hookah has a unique hose  The blacks are paired with a modern wood handle hose hose with a metal tip.  The Blue stems have a matte black Pharaohs hose with a metal tip, and the red stems have a matte red handle hose with a metal tip.


Height: 21"
Shaft: Stainless steel, 3 finish options (Black, Blue, Red)
Bowl: Clay
Hose: Variable Modern hoses in Red, Blue and Black
Case Qty: 6